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BKFC Bantamweight Champion

"To all my fans, supporters, and sponsors, thank you for your love and support. It's my motivation to fight bare knuckle with BKFC and use this platform to inspire others to pursue their dreams." - Reggie 

Educated Hands

Educated Hands


As a member of Educated Hands, you'll gain access to Educated Hands University where you can learn the art of bare-knuckle boxing online! Also, get access to discounts on merchandise, great food, boxing lessons, and more! Only $10/month!


We have a variety of sponsorship packages available for both small business and large corporations. Find out how partnering with Team Eaz-E can enhance your brand.



Pro Combat Sports Fighter Reggie " Eaz-e" Barnett Jr. aka Educated Hands.


Reggie is professionally licensed in Boxing, Bare Knuckle Fighting and MMA. He's interested in partnering with individuals and business to promote your organization, brand, or personal goals through Educated Hands University. Reggie has been boxing since the age of 8yrs old. He has over 100 amateur boxing matches and is a Golden Glove recipient. His current professional boxing record is 6-2 and he is the current holder of the 128lb USBU Junior Feather Weight Belt.

Reggie competes in professional bare knuckle fighting and is currently the Bantamweight Champion at 135lbs. His current Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) record is 9-2. A skilled southpaw who is dedicated to his craft, his goals are to defend his title and continue to establish his legacy in the sport of bare knuckle.

Reggie is the Co-Owner of 757 Boxing & Fitness located in Chesapeake, VA. He works closely with the amateur teams to inspire the youth in the community to stay out of trouble, do well in school, and succeed in life. He also launched his Educated Hands initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project allows kids who are learning remotely to partner with other children to receive the assistance needed to complete their studies.


The People's Champ


Years of Combat Sports Experience


Tied for the most fights in BKFC history


Voted 2020 People's Champion


USBU Super 

Featherweight Champion


Need to educate your hands? 

Sign up as a Member and get access to Educated Hands University





Cryo Spa specializes in cryotherapy, the process of subjecting the body to extremely low temperatures which enables freshly oxygenated blood to be
released into extremities and reduce inflammation in joints. I use Cryo Spa after a week of hard work especially in preparation for a fight!

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God be the Glory First...Lord knows I have struggle and came up short a few times but I continued to work hard and believe. Third time is a charm and we finally got it done! Thank you to my amazing team for helping prepare me for war. Thank you to my sponsors holding me down so that I could train to the best of my ability. Also all my family, friends, fans, and supporters for believing in me. 
I finally accomplished my dream, now the real work begins!



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