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Sponsor the one of the top BKFC Fighters in the World!

Benefits of Sponsorship

-Have Your Brand Promoted!

-Access Your Niche Market!

-Drive Sales!

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If your target customers are combat sports fans or high level athletes, then there is no better way to boost the credibility of your brand than in a partnership with one of the best in the world by all accounts. Through your sponsorship and affiliation with Reggie Eaz-E Barnett Jr., you'll instantly make your brand synonymous with Championship caliber athletes and combat sports excellence. 



As a sponsor, you can have your brand promoted on all Reggie's social media outlets, in his interviews, his fight banners, shorts, and other outlets. Unlike other forms of advertising, working with Team Eaz-E gives your business access to one of the fastest growing combat sports and its fans through your sponsorship of the #1 Pound-for-pound fighter, Reggie Eaz-E Barnett Jr. 



We have various sponsorship packages to meet all types of budgets. Becoming an athlete sponsor does not have to cost a fortune. Whether you are a small business or large corporation, we have a variety of options to meet your needs. Additionally, we also offer custom packages and promotions. Please contact us for more details or to get started. 



More than anything, the Eaz-E brand represents a means to inspire others towards their goals and aspirations. Reggie's dream is to use his success within the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship to uplift his community and the kids at his local boxing committee. He's building a legacy to inspire the next generation and is asking for your sponsorship to help him do so. 

The best investment of our marketing dollars to date! Team Eaz-E is just that! Very easy to work with and most importantly to us is seeing the increase in sales as a direct result of our partnership. 

James Smalls, Director, Global Sports Management & Entertainment


Why be a Sponsor?

Brand Loyalty, Credibility, Personalize Your Brand

Companies small and large choose to sponsor athletes for a variety of reasons. Athlete sponsorship not only gives the company access to their target customers, but is also a great way to increase brand loyalty. Fans tend to develop a sense of brand loyalty to their athletes and sports teams. Therefore, fans will generally extend that loyalty to the brands the athlete supports. Sponsorship also gives the company and its brand instant credibility with their target consumer. Lastly, sponsorship helps to personalize a company's brand by associating a face and name to the brand. Consumers want a relationship to the brands they support and this happens through personalizing the brand. 


Hear from a few of our Sponsors


Wendell Joyner

Joyner's Driving Improvement School

So proud to be supporting this incredible young man and his vision to inspire others!


We've seen our business grow exponentially  since  signing up to sponsor Reggie. He's key to our branding and marketing strategy. 


Reggie has enhanced the credibility of our products and services. Additionally, he's given us access to an otherwise unreached market.

Junior Gordon

Gordon Kustomz

Robert Doggett

The JKD Process

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